Music School

House of Violins is also a music school.  We specialising in teaching only the following string instruments:

1.  Violin
2.  Viola
3.  Cello
4.  Acoustic Doube Bass

Lessons are provided on a ''one-on-one'' basis. And we do not charge registration fees or require students to pay a deposit.

To ease pressure and to encourage students to have fun while they are learning and also to motivate students so that they can progress faster, we normally do not ask students to take music examination (ABRSM or Trinity examination) except grade 5, grade 8 and diplomas examinations. Of course if parents insist on sitting examination, we are happy to assist.  

We like our students to come happily; learn happily; leave happily; and practice at home happily.


We also specialising in forming and teaching string orchestra.  The following orchestras are currently manage by House of Violins:

1.  Clap & Tap Children Orchestra
2.  House of Violins String Orchestra (HOV String Orchestra)
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